World practice has proved the necessity of cost optimization. The leading retail objects usually turn to outsource specialized companies` services. Engineering companies are involved into the project already at the design stage, thoroughly designing and selecting equipments of high quality, at reasonable prices and which will be in service for many years. Furthermore, at the stage of construction, such companies maintain control over installation and start-up of equipment, in order to identify any damage in time and exclude any overload or early failure.

Management companies are engaged into the operation long before the object`s opening, providing equipment, its treatment, control and adaptation towards the object`s peculiarities. It has been proved, that thoroughly selected, well-organized and efficiently treated equipment does not need continuous presence of operational staff at the object. Routine maintenance, a couple of specialists on duty and site visit in case of incidental breakdown will be enough for the efficient object`s operation. Such a management company could support simultaneously several objects, reducing expenses and improving its qualification all the time.


  • Technical consulting of designed and constructed objects
  • Technical audit of existing objects
  • Management of property operation and maintenance
  • Regular monitoring of state of maintenance
  • Scheduled and routine maintenance at the object
  • Maintenance activity of engineering systems
  • Emergency service
  • Regular, season and façade cleaning
  • Control over correspondence of engineering systems to the project
  • Selection of contractors
  • Recommendations on modernization and optimization of engineering systems
  • Cooperation with permitting bodies
  • Cooperation with resources` suppliers (electricity, water, gas etc.)