Real estate management

Aim of the service

The company aims to organize the best model and management structure of specific real estate to get the maximum financial and marketing effect from the business and building operations. A combination of extensive experience of UTG specialists and international standards of real estate management guarantees the highest quality activity level and commercial real estate development. UTG employees are constantly motivated to improve the project quality, the facility image, and recognizability for tenants and visitors, to reduce vacancy of rented space, and to increase the facility profitability.

Ukrainian Trade Guild is a legislator of management practices in Ukraine. The company was at the origins of the development and launch of the first professional commercial real estate in the country. Nowadays, the majority of commercial real estate use in their management documentation and recommendations developed based on methods UTG. Management technologies are structured by service and linked in a single system of administration and process control.

Unique advantages

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    Interest in improving the efficiency of the facility
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    Use of adapted international standards and in-house techniques that are tested in the management process of real facilities
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    Experience in collaborative work with international management companies
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    Systemic support for consulting, marketing, legal, and brokerage departments of the UTG company while solving the facility tasks on a comprehensive level
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    A wide range of schemes and tools for the optimal process organization of facility management

Service includes

    • Setting up a control system adapted to the facility features
    • Preparation of normative, regulatory, and accounting documentation, staff structure, business hours, media plans, facility budgets, and other necessary management techniques
    • Organization of recruitment, training, and internship of facility personnel
    • Analysis of the functionality of the architecture and engineering of the facility
    • Organization of the preparation process for the facility launch and acceptance from developers
    • Development and organization of navigational advertising space of the facility
    • Control of adaptation of tenants and preparation for their retail outlets’ launch
    • Development and management of the implementation of the facility launch program
    • Arrangement and moderation of the facility administrative, marketing, technical, legal, financial, and security services
    • The building of effective relationships with tenants; administration of their activities and workflow
    • Analysis of the compliance of the facility activities with the market situation, development and management of the implementation of marketing programs to promote the facility
    • Organization of collection and management of payments receipt from tenants
    • Tenants rotation management to improve the quality of the facility, as well as achieving its maximum occupancy and profitability
    • Analysis and simulation of the success and efficiency of tenants activities


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