How UTG interacts with retailers

With almost 20 years of experience in representing and supporting the interests of tenants, UTG provides retailers with a complete list of works for their development:

Research of the commercial
real estate market of Ukraine

UTG analysts are working to update the market situation. The study includes monitoring the activities of retail networks, competitors and developers, reflects the general market situation, as well as changes in consumer behavior.

23 000 000 sq. m.

The analysis is performed approximately
23,000,000 sq. m of retail space

Find a suitable location for
effective customer development

UTG conducts a study of the selected area in terms of commercial potential of a particular object, based on the product group of the retailer. UTG specialists contribute to the sustainable development of retailers, stimulating their renewal, creating an interest environment to improve the image of brands. The company’s brokers carry out a quick and efficient search for the necessary areas that meet the requirements of international networks.

about 20 malls

UTG has an exclusive set of tenants with about 20 shopping malls

Negotiating with
landlords / owners of premises

UTG represents the interests of retailers in negotiations with landlords in order to find compromise solutions on the level of rental rate, payment period, lease duration, technical components that will satisfy both parties to the contract.

4.7 million square meters

4.7 million square meters leased space of the mall

Optimization of lease conditions

In times of crisis or in the period of intensive development of the retailer, UTG provides assistance in optimizing the lease conditions: reducing the rental rate, optimizing penalties, expanding or reducing the lease area for stable development and increase the profits of the retailer.


UTG’s franchise portfolio includes offers from all areas of trade: department stores, sporting goods, furniture, home decor and goods, clothing and footwear, accessories, cafes and restaurants, children’s entertainment centers and others. The company offers entrepreneurs and network retailers a large number of franchises to choose from. Trademarks have already established themselves well in international markets and in the CIS countries. A number of offers are exclusive and have no analogues in neighboring countries.

Legal support

When signing a lease agreement, UTG provides legal support to consolidate commercial conditions, financial and technical sections.

More than 850 customers

Actual offers

Planeta Mall

Total Area sq.m: 110 000
Rent Area sq.m: 70 000
Status: 1 quarter 2022

White Lines

Total Area sq.m: 40 000
Rent Area sq.m: 27 000
Status: 4th quarter of 2022


Total Area sq.m: 8 000
Rent Area sq.m: 6 000
Status: March 2022

Ocean Plaza

Total Area sq.m: 165 000
Rent Area sq.m: 70 000
Status: Working

Global UA

Total Area sq.m: 142 000
Rent Area sq.m: 71 000
Status: 2Q 2022

Proskyrov Plaza

Total Area sq.m: 35 000
Rent Area sq.m: 27 000
Status: IV quarter 2022


Total Area sq.m: 60 000
Rent Area sq.m: 48 000
Status: 4Q 2023


Total Area sq.m: 15 000
Rent Area sq.m: 8 500
Status: May 2021


Total Area sq.m: 14 500
Rent Area sq.m: 11 250
Status: III quarter 2022


Total Area sq.m: 8 500
Rent Area sq.m: 6 500
Status: IV квартал 2022

Cherry Mall

Total Area sq.m: 18 000
Rent Area sq.m: 13 000
Status: Acting

APRIL (2nd stage)

Total Area sq.m: 53 500
Rent Area sq.m: 43 200
Status: Under construction
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Director and Head of Leasing Department

Evgenia Loktionova

Director and Head of Leasing Department
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