Marketing and PR

Aim of the service

Wide-ranging promotion of the project using marketing tools helps achieve the most effective commercialization, increase in traffic, and filling of the facility. The marketing and PR department of UTG, based on the long-term goals of the developer, creates and executes programs for the development, promotion, opening, management of facilities in the sphere of commercial and residential real estate.

Description of the service

The UTG Marketing Department develops a strategy for achieving the client’s goals,  creates media plans, chooses contractors, and accompanies the real estate project on all stages of development (from the purchase, concept development, design, construction, realization, tenant recruitment, launch, management to sale and withdrawal from the project). The media plan includes the promotion of the project at exhibitions, forums, special events, work with the mass media, the development of advertising and PR materials, and a plan for the facility opening.

Unique advantages

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    UTG has 20 years of experience. The company is a leader in offering consulting services in the field of commercialization and renting of commercial and residential real estate in Ukraine.
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    For 20 years, the Ukrainian Trade Guild has acquired a high reputation and professional recognition from a professional audience, the media, customers-developers, retailers, and the business environment.
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    We have a unique position in the presentation of investment, supported and internally sourced projects at annual international exhibitions and specialized events in the capital city.
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    The UTG company has exceptional opportunities with special pricing conditions for PR and advertising support in the main specialized journals and platforms. This is all thanks to the gathered experience in the various tasks execution.
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    Working with the department of strategic consulting, brokerage, and the department of real estate management allows the company to develop successful and up-to-date promotion strategies
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    Promotion of the project at various stages (from the moment of acquisition, concept development, design, construction, realization, tenants recruitment, launch, management to sale and withdrawal from the project).

Service includes (stages of service delivery):

    • Optimization of marketing tools to increase the appeal of the property among operators and consumers, maximize the effective commercialization of the real estate, and, as a result, increase its value
    • Development of media plans, recruitment, and management of contractors, performance analysis, and strategy adjustment
    • Development of a marketing strategy for projects’ promotion, which includes choosing competitors, market niches, target audience, and ways to work with it. Based on a specific strategy, UTG develops a long-term strategic media plan.
    • Daily copywriting support of projects, editing, placement of materials in core publications, analysis of audience coverage, and changes of the submission form based on detailed performance analysis.
    • Promotion of the project at exhibitions, forums, special events
    • Development of a launch plan that goes with the opening of events, activities, sales promotions, coordination with all contractors, services, media, government officials, etc.
    • Marketing and PR audit of existing facilities
    • Image-based advertising
    • Dealing with mass media inquiries
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