Architectural design

Aim of the service

The aim of the service is to achieve the most effective result of a business idea, using real estate, its volume, form, and content as a tool for the future possibilities of a business project. Experienced specialists of the UTG company develop conceptually competent projects from the architectural, economic, and engineering points of view. Following state building codes and standards, UTG develops projects based on analytical research of the consulting department. UTG projects always meet the real market situation, as well as the client’s needs and resources.

Service description

All UTG architectural projects are based on 22 years of experience in 1,700 commercial projects. The company has participated in their creation as a marketing consultant, exclusive broker, developer, or property and facility management company. UTG is a developer of high-quality, commercially efficient, and architecturally significant projects. The company experts offer an integrated approach to the project design of varying complexity, including sketches, models, overall plans, layout and arrangement decisions, 3D visualization, facade passports, navigation projects, and advertising areas. Aligning with modern world architecture, UTG has experience of collaboration on projects with international agencies Buchan, Benoy, Aedas, Sonae Sierra, Chapman Taylor, and others.

1000 Clients

142 Opened shopping mall

1700 Developed conception

42 000 000 кв.м. Works

Unique advantages

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    The design of each real estate property is carried out in direct cooperation with the consulting, brokerage, and marketing departments. This provides an unmatched synergy of specialists’ knowledge from various spheres of life, services, and business development based on the usage of real estate properties.
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    22 years of experience in the design of commercial, office, and residential real estate, along with the expertise of support, launch, recruitment, management, and sale of properties allows the company to take into account a lot of nuances inaccessible to design companies with little knowledge in these areas of work of designed real estate.
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    The company has a staff of professionally certified architects who develop projects for all types of real estate.

Service includes:

    • Analysis of existing engineering, transport, and urban planning restrictions;
    • Determination of the most effective building footprint;
    • Development of an overall plan;
    • Development of a floor plan;
    • Additional work on the vertical bracing scheme;
    • Functional structure, zoning, organization of rentable areas, taking into account the technical characteristics of operators;
    • Organization of parking;
    • Development of a vehicular and pedestrian circulation;
    • Visualization of volumetric and spatial compositions;
    • Facade passport;
    • 3D visualization of building facades;
    • 3D visualization of interiors of public facilities.
    • Evaluation of technical and economic indicators;
    • Guidelines for the stages of concept implementation
    • Audit and critical analysis of architectural solutions
    • Architectural supervision during construction and implementation
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