Investment and analytical

Aim of the service

Achieve, based on the analysis, the market value of the real estate, a developed and implemented marketing strategy for the sale or a purchase of the real estate. The company also searches, supports, and executes a sale/purchase transaction with maximum benefit for the customer on short notice with the help of the in-house brokers.

Description of the service

Costs analysts determine the cost parameters and other commercial features of the property. The legal and technical departments of the company conduct project audits, identify strengths and weaknesses and give recommendations on the preparation of the facility for development. The marketing department develops a strategy for completing the task, forms media plans, and chooses contractors for the development of this task.

Brokers and marketing specialists, having successful conclusions from the legal and technical departments, develop materials that can concretize and convey the subject and conditions of the transaction to the target audience. Owning databases of potential clients and materials for the process of finding new ones, UTG selects the best offers to close deals with the utmost benefit for the customer’s side.

Unique advantages

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    Consulting company UTG is the Ukrainian market leader in the field of retail, office, and residential real estate development. For 20 years, the Ukrainian Trade Guild has participated in more than 1,500 projects with most of the largest, most successful, well-known, capital, and regional developers.
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    Thanks to regular contacts with the main group of active developers, we can quickly fulfill your task of selling/buying sites, franchises, brands, shares in a business, businesses, real estate.
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    Proprietary methods of analyzing the prospects for the sale/purchase of facilities.
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    A large statistical base for a sufficient business assessment of each facility.
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    Presence of a wide array of proposals: from the primary and secondary market to pledged and privatized property.
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    Complex step-by-step management of any facility - from the organization of one transaction to long-term support of successful development of the project fate.

Service includes (stages of service delivery):

    • Ranking and segmentation of sites/properties/projects in the owner’s portfolio according to the prospects of their following development and/or realization.
    • Selection of sites/facilities with the given characteristics of the prospects of a business project implementation for the investor.
    • Management of the development/realization of the owner’s real estate portfolio until the set goals are achieved.
    • Support of a business project development from selection, analysis, and purchase to the management of a formed and operating business.
    • Preparation and processing of materials to create high-quality investment proposals.
    • Organization and support of transactions and procedures for the sale/purchase of facilities.
    • Support in recruiting specialized professionals at certain stages of the facility realizationor project development.
    • Formulization of recommendations for the sale/purchase of certain facilities.
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