Correspondence analysis of an object`s marketing concept, legal and project documentation of the current market condition.

Scope of work:

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • 1. Due Diligence of marketing concept

    Purpose: Due diligence of marketing concept of an object, its location and current market condition

    Service results:

    • Testing of concept drawbacks, aggravating project performance figures

    • Remedial action plan

    • Potential risks mitigation, influencing project`s success

    Service content:

    1.1. Analysis of an object`s weak and strong points

    1.2. Market condition overview and development forecasts

    1.3. Marketing concept analysis:

    • Correspondence of type of property

    • Areas distribution efficiency

    • Correspondence of positioning of object class

    • Correspondence of rental rates / selling prices, pace of sales

    1.4. Structured list of objections and recommendations with a motivated explanation of issues

    1.5. Risks while implementing project

  • 2. Due Diligence of legal documentation

    Purpose: Due diligence of legal risks and potential complications in the process of property acquisition or lease, as well as equity rights obtaining

    Service results:

    • Identification of contradictory or non-compliant documentation items

    • Minimization of probability of disputes` occurrence

    • Characteristics of business feasibility

    Service content:

    2.1. Gaining and legal analysis of information and documents

    2.2. Analysis of sound title of land and/or property

    2.3. Characteristics of company operation – property owner

    2.4. Making recommendations on risks minimization

    2.5. Elaboration of contract schemes, providing Customer Advocacy

    2.6. Structured report on the outcomes of business feasibility

    2.7. Customer legal support while making deal

  • 3. Technical Due Diligence

    Purpose: Independent due diligence of project documentation relating to an object`s construction

    Service results:

    • Conformation of object compliance to project documentation standards and land plot`s characteristics

    • Identification of inefficient design decisions

    • Feasibility evaluation of project implementation

    Service content:

    3.1. General characteristics of an object under construction

    • Insight into the results of engineering research, approval documents and technical conditions

    • Overview and analysis of general layout and architectural and planning concepts

    • Characteristics of building area

    3.2. Due diligence of architecture and construction project discipline – construction materials, facade and building envelopes, revision of thermo-technical and noise protection calculations

    3.3. Due diligence of footing, slabs and bearing constructions` calculations

    3.4. Due diligence of HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) – system definition calculations evaluation

    3.5. Due diligence of water supply and sewage:

    • system definition of cold/hot water supply and sewage

    • calculation evaluation of heat conductor and water flow:

    • conclusion on external networks of water supply and sewage

    3.6. Due diligence: electricity supply and electrical facilities:

    • system definition of electricity supply and external networks;

    • definition of primary distribution, distributed and secondary distribution networks;

    • lightning design evaluation;

    • evaluation of conductors, protection and electric reliability calculation;

    • evaluation of watt consumption and contribution coefficient calculation;

    3.7. Due diligence of ecological regularities

    3.8. Analysis of the condition and completeness of project documentation