To conduct feasibility studies of the further development of the land plot/retail object.

Scope of work:

  • 1. Location analysis

    • Size and form of a land plot

    • Existing constraints

    • Neighborhood, local region status

    • Transport and pedestrian accessibility

    • Visibility

     2. Analysis of competitive environment according to the particular retail market segments

    • Existing competition

    • Perspective competition

    3. SWOT-analysis of the development options of an object according to the particular functional methods

    4. Assessment of construction volume

    • Choice of the most efficient footprint area

    • Identification of technical-and-economic index of an object

    5. Basic financial project analysis

    • Identification of expenditure side of the project

    • Identification of revenue side of the project

    • Calculation of investment attractiveness: NPV, IRR , pay-back period