There is an increase in demand for street retail stores

UTG continues to monitor changes in the trading market real estate of Ukraine. Currently company’s experts observe the paradoxical situation that has turned out in Kyiv, namely a vacancy decrease of street retail facilities. To date the number of vacant areas in stores located in the central trading the streets of the capital, decreased from 11% to 5%, while the malls has the same indicator is opposite and it increased from 10 to 20% or sometimes even up to 28%.

According to specialist’s information, while the last 6 years observed vacancy’s increase in separately located in such central stores’ streets such as Khreshchatyk and Artema, now is being observed diametrically opposite trend. As Yevgenia Loktionova (director of the UTG company) explains, above all this related to fact that finally the separately located stores owners became contractual. “That’s why tenants used situation to place their shops in central streets with long- term contracts and low rental rates,” she notes. Also, vacancies reduction is connected not only with the fact that such trade areas on the market has become larger more accessible. Besides as experts believe, street retail stores popularity much increased among visitors. Two years ago, because of the coronavirus restrictions background when there were shopping malls closed, people tried to go to places with little crowding visitors therefore began to be selected compact stores. And now this one trend continues – people do not want to visit big objects due to shelling threat and to have possibility to evacuate quickly and go to the shelter. It causes negative occupancy of the galleries in the mall, because of that retailers are trying to be represented at the trade streets of cities. That is why the proposal of street-retail now is the most in demand among stores and almost all space of this format will be absorbed.