The Promenada Center shopping center is carrying out a rebrokerage into a modern outlet center

After 19 years of operation, one of the first shopping centers in Kyiv – Promenada Center is updated According to the new concept, the outlet center concept will be strengthened, which now shows a high conversion rate and is in great demand among modern buyers. In the rebrokerage process the Promenada Center shopping center will be transformed into a sports outlet, which will present a wide range of products for an active life. On two levels with an area of ​​25,000 square meters there will be 26 sportswear, equipment and military stores. As a result, another outlet will appear in the central area of ​​the capital – a center with the maximum number of brands that have already been loved by the city’s residents.

According to Evgenia Loktionova, director of the UTG company, a full-fledged outlet zone will be formed during the rebrokerage. “For many years, such operators as: Betty Barclay, Le rossy, Levis, SuperDry and others have been successfully presenting their outlet collections at the facility. Thanks to the fact that Lukyanivka no longer has stores in this format, these operators had high convection. Therefore, it was decided to focus as much as possible on the concept of the outlet center, supplementing it with a wide range of sports goods, so that residents of the central part of Kyiv could buy their favorite goods at reasonable prices,” explains Evgenia Loktionova. At the same time, according to the manager, the renovation of the Promenada Center shopping center will be carried out as gently as possible for both visitors and its tenants. “During the rebrokerage process, there will be a gentle change and addition of operators: first, the filling of free lots, and then the relocation of existing ones so that in such a difficult time the object continues to function and at least pays off,” she emphasizes.

Back in 2020, one of the anchor tenants was replaced: a modern grocery supermarket “Silpo”, which currently has the greatest demand among customers, was opened on the site of “Furshet”. Then they opened a popular store of the international JYSK retail chain. And now the next stage of renewal will be the sports outlet creation.

The shopping center Promenada Center stands out favorably against the background of other commercial properties in the Lukyanivka district due to the convenience of visiting due to its close location near the “Lukyanivska” metro station and proximity to the city center and main transport routes, which facilitates travel by car or public transport.