Identification of electrical capacity load, development of complex vision of engineering water supply system, wastewater disposal system, air-conditioning and heating system, that fundamentally influences the efficiency of project development and object construction.

Scope of work:

  • 1. Identification of consumption in relation to functional types of retail spaces according to:

    • electricity

    • cold supply

    • spot extractor (for food outlets)

    2. Identification of need in 380V injection

    3. Location identification of connection points of wastewater (K1) and technical (K3) sewerage.

    4. Location identification of connection points of hot and cold water.

    5. Recommendations on the choice of appropriate types of engineering systems:

    • air-conditioning

    • heating system

    • access control

    • light current systems

    6. Elaboration of the object`s flow diagram including design features, kind and level of finishing, as well as peculiarities of tenants` engineering systems.