The first Vitto Rossi store in Zhytomyr will open in the Global UA SEC

The UTG company continues to actively fill spaces in the shopping centers of its partners. Thus, with the assistance of UTG brokers, the first store of the well-known Vitto Rossi footwear and accessories brand will open in the Global UA SEC in Zhytomyr. All guests of the shopping center will be able to visit the brand’s spacious boutique with an area of about 228 m2.

TM Vitto Rossi has been rightfully positioned as a brand with a huge range of high-quality men’s and women’s shoes, bags, belts and other accessories for more than 15 years. The products of this brand are produced in more than 15 factories in four countries: Poland, Italy, Turkey and China, and include more than 500 types of bags and accessories, as well as about 4,000 models of women’s and men’s shoes.