The new ODIS shopping center is being prepared for opening

The first professional shopping center will open in the historic center of Izmail in early spring. The new shopping center with a total area of 2,500 square meters has 2 levels. The ODIS shopping center has already received a certificate of compliance at the end of construction, and operators are starting to decorate work. The UTG company is engaged in the filling of the object as an exclusive broker. One of the main features of the shopping center is its location in the very “heart” of Izmail on Independence Avenue. Thanks to its location in the most prestigious area of the city, surrounded by important historical monuments, city institutions, restaurants, hotels and cozy parks, the shopping center will satisfy the city’s needs for quality infrastructure.

A restaurant with a seating area will be located on the facade of the new ODIS shopping center. And among the tenants of the shopping center: food supermarket Tavria with an area of more than 600 square meters, pharmacy “Dobrogo dnia”, shops: Aurum, Tabakerka, Moyo and others. The new shopping center will be a place where you can comfortably conduct business negotiations and meet friends, as well as take a walk with the whole family, making joint purchases.