Sergey Zaika

Sergey Zaika
Sergey Zaika
Business Development Director
Work experience: 8-years successful operation in the sphere of retail real estate.

Sergey has successfully operated in the sphere of retail real estate for over 8 years. Having been working in the company since 2009, Sergey contributed to the implementation of more than 10 projects of shopping malls all over Ukraine. Since 2010 has participated in the project development of Ocean Plaza (GLA 70000 sqm) at the position of Deputy Project Manager.

Sergey has also made progress in the introduction of international brands to the retail market of Ukraine. Due to his direct involvement and support, the following world-known brands have entered the market of Ukraine: LC Waikiki, Collezione, Bebe, Suvari, KFC, Stefanel, Why Denis and others.

Since 2011 he has been the Senior Project Manager of one of the most large-scale shopping entertainment malls in Ukraine - Respublika (GLA 135000 sqm). Moreover, he has provided a new service – franchising, being currently responsible for that.

Sergey usually participates in the number of international conferences and exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad. 

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