Strategic consulting

UTG work experience in strategic consulting:
Developed: 1110 projects
Types of objects: shopping, shopping entertainment, residential, office, hotel, recreational, local infrastructure, warehouse, multifunctional complexes
GBA: 37 000 000 sq.m.

Being the most large-scale national consultant in the sphere of retail real estate, UTG Company offers its clients a proved professional competence and expertise, intended to increase both existing and perspective assets` efficiency and profitability.

Experience in rendering UTG strategic consulting services is expressed in an impressive portfolio consisting of more than 1110 consulting works (over 37 mln. sq. m) and researches.

More than 60% of works in the retail real estate segment of Ukraine is developed by the experts of UTG Company, including all advanced superregional shopping entertainment malls (Respublika, Lavina Mall, Blockbuster Mall, Ocean Mall and others).

Apart from Ukraine, geography of UTG consulting services includes Russia, Belarus, Georgia and Moldova. UTG currently consults native developers on the projects` promotion at the mature markets of Eastern Europe and Canada.

Strategic consulting:
Benefits of UTG:
  • Consults and leases out the key market objects.
  • All the company`s projects, without exception, are successful. We do impossible things, outperforming the market.
  • The company has the greatest experience and biggest number of the opened objects at the retail market. Models, developed by the company, appear to be the safest, most accurate and real.
  • UTG offers the widest range of services (marketing and architectural model of an object, business model, brokerage).
  • The company is the only one at the market offering objects management, successfully maintaining several shopping centers, that contributes to the deep knowledge and feel for retail market.
  • UTG is the only at the market in charge of professional certified architects, developing up-to-date projects of retail, residential and hotel real estate objects.
  • The company has implemented numerous projects in CIS countries (the Russian Federation, Georgia and Moldova).
  • UTG is widely recognized in Europe (is the member of the number of international professional organizations) and constantly implements new brands into the Ukrainian market.
  • The only company able to successfully lease out premises in all the regions of Ukraine.