Property management

UTG has launched management procedure in Ukraine. The company stood at the origins of first professional retail real estate objects` development in the country.

Nowadays, UTG Company management methods serve as a basis for documentation and recommendations elaboration for the privileged majority of retail objects.

Combination of vast experience of UTG experts and international standards of property management guarantee efficient operation and development of commercial property. Management techniques are well-organized and are joined into the only administration system and control processes. Accumulated relations with international and domestic chains allow effectively attracting them in capacity of tenants of retail real estate objects. Extraordinary approach towards local tenant mix enables to increase the objects` occupancy rate. 

A wide range of UTG marketing tools contributes to the objects` loyalty and attractiveness among clients. UTG employees are constantly motivated at the objects` operation improvement, image reinforcement as well as its awareness among visitors, at the decrease in vacancy of leased out premises and an increased income level of the objects.


  • Introduction of management system, tailored to object`s peculiaritiesCor
  • respondence analysis of the object`s activity to market condition, development and implementation of marketing promotion programs
  • Elaboration, implementation, maintenance, control and advancement of regulatory, routine and accounting documents at the object
  • Organization of navigation-advertising object`s space 
  • Leasing out and shifting of tenants for the reason of object`s upgrade and achievement of its maximum occupancy and profitability
  • Building effective relationships with tenants, managing their activity and documents, elaborating the program of tenants` withholding
  • Analysis and encouragement of tenants` operation effectiveness
  • Collection and check-in control of all the tenants` payments 
  • Operation administration of retail objects` services 
  • Recommendations in relating to the services of object`s owner: technical, legal, financial, as well as security service 

  • Motivated interest in the increased effectiveness of an object`s operation 
  • Implementation of customized international standards and own methods, experienced in the process of real objects management 
  • System support of consulting, marketing, legal and leasing department of UTG Company in integrated solutions to the object`s management issues 
  • A full range of well-established relations, allowing effectively attract funds and clients, aimed at the improvement of object operation
  • Effective tools of object management 
  • Opportunity to work in all the regions of Ukraine and neighboring countries
  • UTG Company`s certified experts according to international standards 
  • Original educational programs and performance assessment of the management company`s personnel 

Property management: