Investment-analytical brokerage

UTG experience in investment-analytical brokerage: Under company`s operation: objects Types of objects: shopping centers, shopping entertainment centers, mixed use centers, land plots, constructions, accommodations

The process of selling and buying land plots and retail objects is not limited by the realtor search of seller and buyer via Internet. It takes much effort to identify potential characteristics and fair value of a large-scale retail object for both seller (object`s owner) and buyer (investor). Appraisers, as well as international financial analysts, usually make an assessment with the help of tools, not corresponding to the real market situation and object`s development options in Ukraine. Taking into account a great number of doubtful, slow-moving retail property, the necessity of a correct assessment of business perspectives of each object separately appears to be on the top of the range.

Having operated at the market for more than 15 years already, UTG Company has gathered a unique statistical material while the company`s experts have made a research into the thousands of objects and land plots in all the regions of Ukraine and some neighboring countries. The company has elaborated its own tools of both rapid and fundamental analysis of land plots/objects resulting in resume for short-term and long-term investments. Moreover, UTG Company has worked out a methodology of insights development, serving as a basis and increasing the value of a land plot/object for both owners and investors. UTG experts are able to analyze and establish perspectives of a separate object/land plot and the whole real estate portfolio of the client as well. The key purpose of the party, owing land plots/objects is to immediately dispose of retail objects/projects, while the major aim of the party, buying property, is to thoroughly select a land plot/object for investment into a business project.

Due to well-established long-term relations and ample information, UTG Company has developed and constantly updates its Register of Investment-Analytical Offers, with the help of which it has become possible not only to choose a preferable land plot/object, but also include your land plot/object/project into the Register, containing grounds for the development of such an object for the perspective investors. The key objective of our company is not only to sell/buy an object and get percent for intermediary, but also achieve an efficient development of each retail object.


  • Own methods of perspective analysis of selling/buying objects.
  • A huge data base for an adequate business evaluation of each object.
  • A wide range of offers: starting from primary and secondary market and up to the pledged assets and privatized property.
  • Vast experience in buying/selling large-scale commercial objects and projects.
  • Complex phased object management from one deal up to long-term project development.


  • Ranking and segmentation of land plots/objects/projects within the owner`s portfolio according to the perspective of their further development and/or commissioning.
  • Selection of land plots/objects for investors with specified perspective characteristics of business project development.
  • Management of the owner`s real estate portfolio development until the achievement of target goals.
  • Support of business project development starting from the choice, analysis and possession and up to the business management.
  • Preparation and processing of materials aiming at the development of efficient investment proposals.
  • Organization and support of deals and selling/buying procedures of retail objects.
  • Assistance in involvement of dedicated experts at particular phases of object`s development.
  • Making recommendations on selling/buying particular objects.