The first in Ukraine XTRM opened in the shopping center Ocean Plaza

The first in Ukraine XTRM opened in the shopping center Ocean Plaza
The first in Ukraine XTRM opened in the shopping center Ocean Plaza

On December 16th, the island of XTRM, which is the first in Ukraine, was opened in the Kievs favorite mall - Ocean Plaza. Despite the small size of the new store, XTRM has unique features and promises to become one of the few brands of Ukrainian origin that have gained international fame. The founder and owner of XTRM is a well-known racer with world-wide name Vadim Pritulyak.


Tell us how and under what circumstances XTRM brand was created. Who is the designer of the collections?

Directly the XTRM brand was registered in 2016, when I came up with a series of No Sponsors clothing - XTRM. But the history of the brand was born in 2009, when I participated in the Dakar rally09. Then the sponsoring company refused to pay my participation in the race and I decided to contribute my personal funds. Having torn off the sponsor's patches,I placed a NO SPONSORS inscription on the motorcycle and on the form, thinking: "Now this will be my brand!" Cause promoting in the CIS market new "foreign" brands, I always wanted to bring something of my own: I helped in the development of men's collections for United Colors of Benetton, Playlife. My first collections consisted only of T-shirts: I sketched, and talented designers professionally embodied my ideas. And so far we are working with them on collections, and a month ago this team was enhanced by Ukrainian girl-designer.

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Where is the production of this trade mark?

I changed from a dozen foreign manufacturers, and realized that it's best to do everything in Ukraine. Now the collection of the brand is not simply sew in Ukraine, but all the textiles are produced in Ukraine from Australian eco-cotton.

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What is the range of the store and your target audience?

In XTRM, everyone who leads an active way of life will be able to appreciate our hats, baseball caps, T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts. And in the spring of 2018, shorts and swimsuits, stylish beach and sports shoes will appear in the assortment. At the same time, our collections are suitable for both sports and everyday use, and things like Friday Always and XTRM Universe are increasingly visible on visitors in clubs. In other words, our target audience is young people with an active lifestyle and sportsmen - professionals, "party people" and fans who tickle their nerves and simply stylish people of any age.

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How many XTRM stores are currently working in the world and in Ukraine?

Currently, one XTRM store operates in Dubai, on a popular beach in the JBR area. Before that, the goods were sold in multi-brand motorcycles and sports stores. As for Ukraine, the store in the shopping center Ocean Plaza is the first outlet in our country. But this is the beginning of a long way: I am planning to open already full-fledged stores in Ukraine in 2018: 4 in Kiev, one more in Odessa and Kharkov.

What are the main trends in the sports goods market you can note now in the world and Ukraine?

I have lived in the desert in the UAE for a long time, teaching racers-athletes and amateurs, civil and military to overcome the desert at high speeds, surviving in harsh conditions. Therefore, I know how important properly selected equipment. Sportswear is becoming more technological. And, although I still can not keep up with the "monster" brands, we use natural materials in clothes and strive to give it ideally convenient shapes. So for now our niche is clothing series "after sport".

You are a famous racer, when and why did you want to do retail?

In my case, it was the other way round, I lived in Kazakhstan for a long time and was a famous retailer. Then in the 90s I started with the opening of bright, stylish and "professionally correct" sport shops. My company represented world-famous ski, snowboard, tennis and other brands related to sports. Then there was work in the network of shops Benetton, Sisley. I opened the first in the post-Soviet space stores Geox, Playlife, Motivi and a multi-brand store of haute couture in Almaty.

But the former intelligence officer did not have enough drive. And at the age of 37 I sat down on an enduro motorcycle, throwing skis, football and tennis, began to train in the mountains, steppes and deserts of Kazakhstan on a motorcycle. I started to win on difficult races both on moto, and on cars. Now it is races that inspire me to write poetry, prose and create collections of my own brand XTRM.

What are the plans for the development of XTRM in Ukraine and the world for the next few years?

First of all, XTRM will be the most popular brand of baseball caps. Moreover, by improving quality and design, the brand will begin to win recognition of residents and guests of Ukraine in other positions. Personally, I, as the brand's face in motorsports, will strive to win the World Cup in cross country rallies in 2018 (in 2017 I won silver). And, in addition to expanding the XTRM network in Ukraine, a year later it is planned to open a store in Valencia and further promote the Ukrainian brand XTRM in Europe and America.