The boutique L'AKMUS will open its doors in the Ocean Plaza shopping center in April this year for the true lovers of fine shoes, bags and accessories. A new store will be presented on an area of 62 sq.m. and will present a wide range of products of world famous brands. 


Opening of new shopping center a general area 25 000 2 Smart Plaza Polytech will take place on April, 4 of current year. A company UTG, that is the exclusive broker of project, fully completed leasings works in mall. According to the director of company UTG Eugenia Loktionova, an object is filled by leaseholders on 100%.


     This spring, in the best mall of Poltava - "Concord" will open a new store SiNSAY. A spacious boutique with an area of ​​more than 360 m2 will open its doors on the first floor of the shopping center and introduce Poltava women to the best examples of European fashion for teenagers. Expansion of the assortment of brands in the mall "Concorde" takes place within the framework of the reconception developed by UTG.


      The construction of a new shopping center Europark in the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district is strictly on schedule. This is evidenced by the stage of construction of the second floor, the installation of staircases and fireproof partitions on the site. Completion of basic construction works on the construction of the building is scheduled for the end of March this year.


Tomorrow, on February 28th in the capital within the school PRO PM Construction will be a discussion of market experts on the topic "Risks in construction projects." As part of the event, Rostyslav Simonov, Head of Strategic Consulting Department of UTG Company, together with other market experts, will discuss the existing "risks" in construction projects and their types, and share scientific and practical approaches to risk management.


  The concept store grocery retail, which opened in September 2017 in the shopping center Ocean Plaza - Gourmet House, after 6 months of work has completely updated its concept. The Ukrainian brand of grocery stores for gourmets and all connoisseurs of excellent quality products decided to change design, zoning, assortment, as well as the system of purchasing products. The renovated Gourmet House store with a total area of ​​1100 sq.m. will open in March this year.


 On February 10th, on the eve of the "Day of All Lovers", the most popular shopping center of Ukraine, Ocean Plaza, prepared for all its guests a bright event that will reveal the formula of love.


On February 28th, 2018 in Kiev, the ceremony of awarding the national premium in the retail trade of Ukraine - Retail Awards "Choice of the consumer-2017" will take place. UTG Company, as a leader in the Ukrainian retail real estate market, will take part in the awarding of the leaders of consumer sympathies.


It is obvious that a strong restaurant component of shopping centers is often an additional reason for visiting the site. Therefore, lately the share of restaurants in shopping centers in the world has increased from 5 to 25%.


      Throughout the world, changing consumer sentiment and shifting their demands towards quality formats of trade leads to the need for the reconstruction of markets and bazaars. For example, according to the information of the portal delfi, in February of this year in Vilnius a new market for Benedikto turgus opened on the site of the old farm market. According to the director of the company Benedikto turgus, Jolita Kritske, the new facility is different from the markets that Lithuanian residents are used to. Its main feature is the Western concept, reminiscent of the markets of Italy, Spain and France.


    On February 16th, the second module of the program "Building Projects Manager" CPM1 of the PRO PM Construction School, organized by the 7Ci Group, was held. The first half of the school day was devoted to investment analysis in construction. Within the framework of this section, Rostislav Simonov, the Head of Strategic Consulting Department of UTG Company, shared practical case studies on investment analysis and implementation of investment and construction projects in Ukraine, as well as in England and Kazakhstan.


Today, the capital hosted an event for developers, investors, architects, bankers, brokers and consultants - Reconstruction, Renovation and Revitalization Forum. UTG, as the leader of the Ukrainian market of consulting and real estate brokerage, took an active part in this event in the person of Sergey Khomenko, the head of the Project Development Department.


On February 15th in Kiev will be the first meeting of the Working Group on the development of a new classification in the residential real estate market. The architect of UTG Maxim Sinulin will join the group and take part in the discussion of issues related to the main changes and possibilities of the new classification.


Today, UTG Company held a press conference where experts for the first time among consulting companies reported official data and told about the results of the real estate market of Ukraine in 2017, as well as forecast its development in 2018.

     Balanced selection of tenants, as well as their rational distribution in the structure of shopping center are among the most important conditions for success of the facility. Trading operators should complement each other, creating a single complex and providing a synergistic effect. Otherwise, unwanted competition arises, when the neighborhood of one operator negatively affects the image of the other, which leads to conflicts between retailers and their departure from the shopping center.